Ready? Set…#ONGO Fitness Challenge

Fitness Challenge

Need a little extra encouragement in your health and fitness journey, well you’ve reached the right place.

It’s the fourth quarter, 2018 is coming to an end and its time to get back into a structured workout routine. That’s right, it’s all systems #ONGO!

Are you ready to hit “restart” on your fitness goals? We’ve got a 6-week-long challenge complete with workouts, a nutrition strategy, and advice along the way to help get you back on or kickstart your journey.
Ready to get to it? Learn why recommitting to your fitness before the New Year is so effective, get some tips on how to be successful, and then accept our 6 – Week #ONGO fitness challenge!

Ready? Set…ON GO 6 – Week Fitness Challenge

The goal of the #ONGOChallenge is to help you on your fitness journey if your goal is to lose weight, eat healthier or get stronger by motivating you to get moving! The concept: transform your lifestyle by creating common-sense healthy habits and earn points daily for making choices that ultimately improve your health.

One of the things we hear often is, “I need accountability!”, we’ll that’s the name of this game. This 6-week challenge provides the friendly competition and accountability you need to make your fitness journey fun AND effective

We provide the tools you’ll need to succeed – no diet, no fads. Overall health is our end goal and of course weight loss is often a pleasant side effect of incorporating healthy habits into your life.

However, you do NOT need to lose weight to compete in this challenge.

If you want to learn how to eat, move and live in order to reach your most energized, lean productive and healthy self-
Then this challenge is for YOU!

Waiting for the RIGHT time? The RIGHT time is when you start!

The  Challenge includes a 6-week training program that can be viewed from a smartphone, pc, or tablet! You can also download our nutrition strategy guide (PDF) to help you achieve maximum results.

Ready? Set…#ONGO

#ONGO Challenge Badge


To enter, register and pay $30 entrance fee before September 16, 2018. REGISTER NOW

Participants must be a member of the #IncreasethePeach Community on Facebook and check- in daily throughout the challenge.
Accept the challenge by placing “l Accepted the Challenge Badge” as their profile photo & sharing the post on social media. (DOWNLOAD BADGE)
Submit Before and After measurements & photos in the Challenge App before 11:59 pm est on September 17, 2018, on:

Before Photos & Measurements -September 17, 2018

After Photos & Measurements – October 29, 2018

4 thoughts on “Ready? Set…#ONGO Fitness Challenge

    1. Hi Latisha,
      If you’re participating in SWFL your weigh-ins will be taken by Coach Chè. If you are not in the SWFL area you would be required to record and submit your weigh-in for it to be accepted.

    1. Hi Nickey,

      Yes, the workouts can either be completed at home or in a gym setting. For those participating in SWFL, we offer group workouts 6 times a week and a designated weigh-in time. If you’re not able to attend the weigh-in you’re allowed to submit a video recording during the designated dates and times.

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