Happy Planksgiving! Celebrate with 30 Days of Planks & Thanks

After Halloween comes the holiday spiral the holidays are coming up, and with them come opportunities to indulge from the office to the church events and family gatherings. How will we survive the season of indulging, when comfort foods are available in abundance? We all know we’re going to indulge. The goal is to remain consistent with our exercise schedule going from Halloween straight through New Year’s Day. Tis the season for overstuffing, so we’ll combat it by staying active and doing SOMETHING every, single, day! Whether it be a short brisk walk after a big meal, planks, and push-ups at home, and/ or making it to a class at least four times each week. We can do it! Who’s with me?

To help you stay committed and accountable, we’re having a bit of fun leading up to and through Thanksgiving with a 30 Day Planksgiving challenge on our Facebook & Instagram.

Throughout the month of November, Coach Chè will demo how to properly do a few variations of the plank on our Facebook and Instagram. Post your own videos for the chance to win an Increase the Peach Prize Pack and other awesome prizes. Don’t forget to tag @IncreasethePeach & @CoachChè in your posts and happy planking!

Planks and push-ups are great total body exercises that you can do using your own body weight to tone and strengthen. During the next few weeks, you’ll use these two moves to strengthen your core – as well as your shoulders, arms, and glutes (our favorite!).

Accept The Challenge: Learn How!


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