3 Benefits of Recommitting To Your Fitness Before The New Year

Yes, we’ve all heard and at some point may have even said it “new year, new me”. The start of a new year is notorious for being a time to transform, re-commit to fitness and establish a healthy routine.  But starting before the new year has its perks:

Creates a Consistent Habit 

It’s an obvious reason, but the longer you’ve committed to something the better your chances of continuing. Although colder climate tends to make us want to curl up and slow down, it doesn’t have to be that way!  Create a consistent habit now that you can take into the new year. Making exercise a habit hardwires you for success. So when the new year comes around, you’ll actually want to workout. New year, stronger and more committed you.

Tis the Season for Heavy Eating 

From tailgating, Halloween parties, holiday dinners, and office parties, this is the season for heavy eating. Who can resist the sweet potato pies and hot cocoa that comes along to tempt your tastebuds? Committing to be more active during this season helps you feel healthier and less guilty about the occasional seasonal indulgence.

Less Pressure

Take the pressure off, when you recommit to your health before the New Year you alleviate the resolution pressure. First, you’re less likely to pack on the winter weight so, you’re already ahead of the pack and not rushing against the clock. Less pressure, more fun letting your journey become a lifestyle more than a seasonal fad.

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