WORKOUTS BEGIN: JANUARY 15th– February 26th

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Get ready to conquer the challenge beginning January 15th! Six weeks of personalized training, nutrition, and mobility guidance will empower you to train confidently and attain your healthiest year.

Do you need inspiration, an effective exercise routine, and a supportive community to help you achieve your fitness goals? If so, look no further; this challenge is the perfect fit for you!

Our COMMIT TO FIT Challenge provides a perfect blend of accountability, guided independent training, access to unlimited small group training, and nutrition counseling in a concise, focused time period.

The goal is to help our peaches transition into sustainable fitness with a well-rounded approach while also providing an opportunity to focus on nutrition discipline and workout consistency.

If you’ve made it a 2024 resolution to get fit, eat right, focus on your health….etc. but may have a history of having a hard time sticking to a program, you’ve hit a plateau, or know you need to get back on track with your health…COMMIT TO FIT is the solution for you!

…while there is no quick fix (I don’t care what the social media influencers or the flat tummy teas and keto testimonials claim), we’ve put together a results-driven fitness program ideal for anyone.

Whether you’re just looking to change your workout routine or need to START a workout routine (even if it’s been months or years since you’ve worked out regularly), this COMMIT TO FIT 6-Week Challenge is just what you need.

We’ve created a 6-week fitness challenge that gives you the ideal combination of our results-driven workout classes that include: 

1. High-intensity interval strength and cardio training to spark fat loss and boost overall health.
2. Dynamic cardio classes that doesn’t make working out feel like a chore.
3. Mobility classes to increase range of motion and specifically help you move more effieciently

The best part?

Unlike walking into a typical big gym, you won’t have to try to figure out what will work for you on your own. During our orientation, your Coach will help you set an attainable goal and create a plan that:

– fits your personal work/life schedule (we offer classes early mornings, mid-morning, and late afternoons/evenings)
– is best for your current fitness level
– sets you up to maximize the results you are looking for
– gets you excited about working out again!

Interested? Keep reading to get the details!

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