Happy Planksgiving! Celebrate with 30 Days of Planks & Thanks

Plank Like A Pro!

Planks are an awesome way to strengthen your core but not every core is the same. When holding a plank be mindful of how you engage your core and the feeling in your lower back. If when holding a plank you feel it in your lower back more, then it’s time to regress to a modification. Better safe than strained. Position your knees down, keeping your body in a straight line from the crown of your head to your knees.


  1. Do a plank Every. Single. Day. (Even after the 30 days)
  2. Turn the stopwatch over so you can’t see it. (If you’re shaking chances are you’re doing it right, but don’t look at the time hold that position until you physically can’t)
  3. The battle starts in the mind, so find something else to focus on. (Draft your social post for the challenge or watch a commercial, you’ll be planking for minutes in no time!
  4. Towards the end countdown backward in your head, really slow. (At this point you’re probably shaking, that’s great but your brain will tell your body to hold)
  5. Do it until it hurts (that’s good fitness pain you’ll know the difference), then push yourself to hold for at least 15-30 more seconds.


  1. Not engaging your core. To engage your core try imagining your belly button pulling in toward the spine. This will help keep your spine in a safe and neutral position.
  2. Most people when performing a plank, look like their holding downward dog. Tuck that tush, you want to keep your back flat enough so your abs feel engaged from top to bottom.
  3. Don’t strain your neck, keep your eyes focused on the ground.
  4. Breath, this is a big one. We all tense and forget to do what in other situations comes just naturally. Trust us, oxygen is your friend, you don’t want to become dizzy or nauseated 30 seconds in.
  5. Don’t worry about the time, focus on the quality of your form. Progress not perfection, you’ll be holding a 3-minute plank in no time!

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