Happy Planksgiving! Celebrate with 30 Days of Planks & Thanks

Challenge Accepted?!

Who’s ready for a Planksgiving challenge? If you want to work your abs, quads, and arms-then this challenge is for you! Planks are an amazing exercise because they target multiple muscle groups in just one move.

How to do it:

Complete each plank on each designated day. (see chart below) Post a video of your planks and push-ups for the day with something you’re thankful for and challenge a friend to do the same.

For the moves that require one side, one arm, or one leg-be sure to do both sides to complete 1 full repetition. Some plank moves will alternate or require continuous movement. Do the movement while holding the plank for the recommended time seconds. Then switch sides or continue on to the next rep.

Do 3 sets of the move and you are done for the day! (Break push-ups into sets if needed or complete full reps per set)

Ready to accept the challenge? All you have to do on Day 1 is post a picture of yourself holding a plank with a caption that states “Challenge Accepted”, provide challenge details (planks & push-ups for 30-days), provide the link to this blog and be sure to tag @IncreasethePeach & @CoachChe


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