Are You Ready For Your Summer Slim Down?


Here are some common questions that people who are new to our challenges have had. We figured these answers may be helpful for you!

I’d love to enroll! How much is this challenge?

  • Challenge Cost: (Does not include in-person or online studio membership.)
    • In-Person: Varies
    • Online: $50 (Usually $75)

What exactly is and what will I get with my 21 Day Challenge

If you are a local participant (meaning you live in the area around our fitness studio):

  • You will have the option to attend Increase the Peach™ classes!
    • (If you’re not a group class person, we offer special personal training packages to those enrolled in our Fitness Challenge)
  • You will receive nutritional guidance with a pre-approved shopping list.
  • You will be added to a closed Facebook support group page!

If you are an online challenger (meaning, you will be participating ONLY online):

  • You will have the option to join our online Tribe and receive onDemand and weekly LIVE workouts.

Everyone will receive:

  • Guided workout plan. (Complete with video examples of each exercise. This program can be done from home with little to no equipment.)
  • Workout calendar with links to follow along with workout videos.

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