Ready? Step! Go…STEP-TEMBER Challenge


Join an incredible community of steppers from across the world who are committed to crushing their health and fitness goals when you join our 2021 STEPtember challenge hosted by Kardio with Kardy and powered by Increase the Peach™ Health & Fitness Studio.


2021 STEPtember Challenge How It Works Increase the Peach™

STEPtember is facilitated by Count.It, a digital platform that tracks steps after syncing a step-tracking device like a FitBit, Apple watch, or mobile phone to your Count.It account. Registration closes on August 31st.

3 Easy Steps Here’s What To Do:

  1. Download the Count.It app (Google | iOS) or online at
  2. Register a new account using this LINK
  3. Sync a step tracking device to your account and get moving!

How to Participate and Ways to Win

Challenge yourself to hit 10,000 steps daily for the duration of the challenge! That’s it’s, quite simple!

  • Eligibility: The STEPtember Challenge is open to any and everyone!
  • Registration: Participants have until September 2, 2021, 12:01 am EST to register. Late registration is acceptable, however, can not be entered for prize earnings.
  • How to Participate: Complete 10,000+ steps every day of the challenge!


  • Step Tracking Device: The STEPtember Challenge is powered by CountIt – a digital platform that tracks steps across users. To participate in the challenge, users must connect a step-tracking device to their CountIt account, such as a smartphone or wearable device (Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin, etc). Manual entry of steps will not be permitted.
  • Syncing: The Count.It app syncs your steps automatically, however, participants are encouraged to open the app at least once daily to ensure all your steps are shown in real-time.
  • Syncing Issues: If you have trouble syncing your steps, please use Count.It how-to guides to troubleshoot or contact the CountIt Support Team directly (Click Here). Please refrain from posting about technical issues in the STEPtember group chat on Count.It
  • Other Forms of Physical Activity: STEPtember is a step challenge. Unfortunately, other forms of physical activity such as biking will not be counted towards the challenge. However, the more you move the better your chances of reaching your individual goals!
  • Step Cap: To ensure healthy participation in the STEPtember Challenge, the number of steps that count towards the standings will be capped at 35,000 steps/day. If your daily step total exceeds this amount on any day, it will be adjusted to 35,000.

The individual with the highest average daily step count will be crowned the STEPtember winner! We’ll also announce weekly contests and prizes throughout the challenge so be sure to stay connected with us on Facebook Increase the Peach | Coach Chè and Instagram Increase the Peach | Coach Chè.

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