We’ve Launched Our Clean Eats Meal Prep Service

Clean Eats Meal Prep Service

Increase the Peach™ is making it easier to achieve those New Year’s eating resolutions.

As we near the end of Heart Health month, we’re unveiling a meal prep service. Clean Eats by Increase the Peach™ offers balanced bites for all who desire to eat healthy without sacrificing taste. Now, you can order pre-cooked lunches and dinners (and don’t forget dessert) via e-mail, Monday through Saturday by 12:00 pm.

Clean Eats offers a variety of balanced bites including plant-based options, ranging from $4-$12. The entrees are healthy and complete meals in reheatable trays that can go directly in the microwave for reheating.

Most of our meals can be customized to suit special dietary needs, health concerns and/or allergies. Remember to consult with your physician, dietitian, or a  personal trainer. with dietary experience to help choose a daily calorie level that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

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Pick Up | Delivery Schedule

All orders must be received by Saturday at 12:00 pm for a Monday delivery. Order by Tuesday at 12:00 pm for a Thursday delivery.

Delivery within a 10 – mile radius of 3414 Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers, Fl 33901 is included when you purchase 5 meals or more.

This Week’s Menu:

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