2nd Annual Her Fight Is My Fight Breast Cancer Support Campaign

September of 2019, on her birthday no less Coach Che learned that her friend Edna had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Rather than placing the burden on her to ask for help, with her permission, we launched the “Her Fight is My Fight” campaign as an ongoing initiative to provide financial support throughout her cancer treatments.

The focus of this campaign is to foster patient support, not awareness. Fighting cancer is expensive as we’ve witnessed during her ongoing fight. Although she is nearing the end of her treatment plan, we want it to be one less thing she has to worry about. So, again, we’re jumping in the ring with her. (Coach Che and Edna met years ago in a boxing gym.)

Increase the Peach ™ “My Fight Is Her Fight” Athletic Apparel

The  Increase the Peach™ Fitness Apparel Pink Label “MY FIGHT IS HER FIGHT” campaign was launched in honor of our beautifully vivacious friend.

So, by now you’re wondering how you can get involved and order your apparel? You can stop into our studio location in Fort Myers, Fl. Or order online now by visiting our online store.


Also, during the month of October for every $1 someone donates – I and a few of my fit friends will do a burpee! (Just give us about 24-72 hours to get them done but it will definitely all get done! If you would like to help us with some of these burpees you can sign up by sending Coach Che a DM or e-mail with the subject #BurpeesforBoobies!) Donations can be made in person or online – click here. All burpees will be completed and video recorded by October 31, 2021.

All month long Increase the Peach™ will be hosting special group workouts, Boxing for Boobies anyone? The proceeds during these special classes will go directly to supporting her treatment. To stay connected and learn when these special classes will take place, sign up HERE!

Thank you for joining with me to tangibly support her fight!

The Increase the Peach™ Pink Label Collection is dedicated to the support of those undergoing treatment for breast cancer. A portion of all proceeds from the Pink Label Collection is donated directly to patients to support their care.