5 Tips to Reach Your Fitness Goals & Keep Going!

So, you want to build a body? Getting and staying fit can be a challenge. We all struggle and have setbacks when it comes to setting and sticking to our fitness goals. It’s true, although it may be hard to believe with all the fitness models flashing across our timelines. If every fitness model was forced to add a disclaimer to each post, I’m sure somewhere in there it would say; “the struggle is real!” So what’s the secret of people who have successfully made fitness a way of life?

I don’t claim to know it all, like many of you I’m taking this journey one step at a time. However, what I have learned is that with any goal effort is a requirement. You’ve heard the saying, “you get out what you put in”? Well, couldn’t be more true and in more ways than one. If you want to start your fitness quest to course correct or be proactive about your health and fitness, here are some tips:

Proper Nutrition & Portion Control – When you’re trying to get in shape what you fuel your body with is important. A good combination of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, healthy grains, fats, and carbs are the best things to eat when getting into shape. You want to make sure that your meals are filling so that you’re satisfied between meals and that the foods you eat will keep your digestive system clean and running efficiently. (Get more healthy eating tips)

Be sure to portion what you eat. You hear it all the time, “oh it’s because of his/her metabolism”. Well, you too can have a good metabolism, it comes from portioning your meals, getting enough food in to make your body run efficiently. Try to plan out eating five to six times a day and setting smaller portions.

Keep a Food Journal – Keeping track of your calorie intake (macronutrients if you’re fancy) will help keep you accountable and it’s helpful when planning out your fitness routine. To gain weight you want to make sure that you’re eating more calories then you’re burning, and the reverse is true when your goal is to lose weight, you’ll need to burn more calories then you eat. (App Recommendations)

Get Active Daily – You don’t have to be a marathon runner to be considered as active. Start by incorporating some kind of physical activity in your everyday life. Workout with purpose if your goal is to shed a few extra pounds, try a high-intensity workout. No matter what way you decide to get active be sure to have fun with it,  pick an activity you actually enjoy doing and chances are you’ll keep doing it. (Checkout how we get active!)

Rest – Do not subscribe to the “sleep is for suckers” mindset. Everyone has to rest, it’s designed to repair our bodies. You wouldn’t go days without charging your cell phone battery, would you? Well, sleep is the way our body’s batteries recharge – the goal is six to eight hours to keep your body running efficiently. Once you’ve started your fitness routine, it’s important to plan rest days to give your body time to recover, your muscles to grow and to prevent injuries from overtraining.

Stay Motivated – Easier said than done, right? Well, to help you stay motivated, make a plan and keep it. However, make sure that your plan fits your lifestyle. If you’re real with yourself and set realistic goals consistency will make way to a habit what will fuel your motivation to keep going. (Need more motivation?)

Bonus Tip: Find a friend or relative who also wants to establish a healthier lifestyle and create a buddy system wherein you encourage one another and exercise together. You’ll not only strengthen your physique but the relationship as well.

#StayCommitted, with anything that we set out to accomplish, we have to remember patience. Even if you follow all these tips, there will be ups and downs, setbacks and victories. But don’t give up, stick to it and you’ll get the result. Fitness isn’t a fad, but a lifestyle choice, adjust as necessary.

Congratulations on taking a forward step to get in shape and feel great! Here are some free tools to help you get started on your way.

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