Clean Eats

No time to cook, but want to stay healthy? Clean Eats by Increase the Peach™ offers balanced bites for all who desire to eat healthy without sacrificing taste. Now, you can order pre-cooked lunches and dinners (and don’t forget dessert) via e-mail or by phone Monday – Friday.

We offer a variety of balanced bites including plant-based options, ranging from $4-$12. The entrees are healthy and complete meals in reheatable trays that can go directly in the microwave.

Signature Meals

On the menu this week!

Our top a la carte meal prep meals. Simply pick and choose the meal prep meals you like or build your own and we will get working on them. (We apologize, an “a la carte menu” is not available at this time.”)

ASIAN INSPIRED POWER BOWL – Served with sesame shrimp, quinoa, roasted edamame, purple cabbage, and carrots. 🌱V

TEX MEX LOADED SWEET POTATO – A fully loaded stuffed sweet potato topped with braised ground turkey, and pepper salsa. (Swap for chickpeas to make this meatless.) 🌱V

SZCHEUAN ENTREE – A stir fry packed with spice, served with a side of jasmine rice and steamed broccoli. (Swap for tofu to make this meatless.) 🌱V

GARLIC PESTO ZOODLES – Spiralized zoodles tossed with garlic pesto served with choice of chicken or meatless substitute. 🌱V (Contains dairy)

TERIYAKI TEMPEH – Served with jasmine rice and steamed vegetables. 🌱V

CHIA PUDDING – “Overnight” Chia pudding with fresh fruit and granola.

PROTIEN WAFFLES – Four mini waffles (includes egg whites).

🌱V indicates a meatless option is available.


Weekly/monthly subscriptions reduce your price by as much as 50%! There are no contracts to sign and you can cancel anytime by notifying us five days prior to your next billing cycle.



We’ve expanded our service to all clients looking for heartier portions and the ability to customize each meal to any specific macro count. If you’d like more information about this service, please contact us via email at info (at) or directly at 239-888-3720.


We have and continue to set ourselves apart by doing things a little differently, from handling customer service the old-fashioned way with real people to our bi-weekly rotating menu, creative dishes and always providing our clients with an array of delicious meals prepared. Our approach ensures freshness as well as a variety of familiar and new flavors.

At Clean Eats, we love what we do so much you can taste it.

Pick Up | Delivery Schedule

All orders must be received by Friday at 2:00 pm for pick up Monday between 7:00 am – 12:00 pm.

Pick Up Location: Increase the Peach™ Health & Fitness Studio | 7181 College Pwky, Ste. 10, Fort Myers, FL 33907

Delivery available for an additional fee.

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