Resolution Reset!

We’re only a few days into 2019, however, if the memes floating around the web-streets are any indication of the progression of how our New Years resolutions are going, most of us could use a hard reset. Before any more of the year gets lost in the shuffle, we’re challenging you to a 21 Day Resolution Reset!


This 21 Resolution Reset takes minutes to do each day, requires little to no equipment, and is simple enough even for fitness newbies.  Our goal: Is that you’ll reset your intentions and your body – re-commit to that goal, whatever it is for you that you committed to pursuing.

The peach isn’t just about the booty, at Increase the Peach, we strongly believe in the healing power of food. Which is why we’ve created this 21 Day Resolution Reset to help others experience the positive effects of balance nutrition both physically and mentally.

Consuming the rights foods will lead to a balanced, vibrant and more energized lifestyle! This challenge is a great way to kick-start goals, reduce bloating, burn fat, increase energy, decrease pain, brighten your skin and boost your metabolism, all while improving your mood and reaffirming your goals! We’re excited to take this journey with you.

We’ll lead…come follow.

Get fit and feel better! You are never too far from reaching a goal. We will provide you with all the tools you need to be able to do everything in your own home and on your own time.


During this 21 Day Challenge You’ll Receive:

  • A Weekly Workout That Is Challenging & Effective
    • You’ll also receive bonus workouts in our online community to mix things up.  
  • A Grocery List & Recipes
    • This is to make sure that you’re eating the healthy/clean meals needed for optimal results!
  • AND you won’t be doing this alone! You’ll have the support of Coach Chè and our entire #IncreasethePeach Community.

There is no better time than now to get back in the pursuit of obtaining your fitness goals.  If you can commit for three weeks to make health and fitness a priority not only will you feel better inside and out, but we are confident that you will fall in love with bettering your health during this reset, weeks will multiply into months until ultimately you’re saying it’s just a lifestyle.

If you have any questions or request let us know in the comments! For FAQs and challenge guidelines CLICK HERE

Challenge officially begins Sunday, January 13, 2019

Need accountability? You can join the #IncreasethePeach FB group to join like-minded men and women who are striving to reach their fitness goals as well!

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