NEW CHALLENGE: Faith, Food & Fitness Kicks Off July 16th!


Proper nutrition coupled with the right physical exercise plan will guarantee you see the results that you seek. To set you up for success during any of our challenges, we’ve prepared a nutrition guide for optimal, healthy and lasting results during and after any challenge. View that here!Although covered last, food is not the least important. Many of you know how my Mom’s experience with diabetes, high blood pressure and now renal failure has led to my personal life change. The homie Hippocrates is created as saying “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” and I’m all for it. So, during this challenge, we’re going to be learning how to have a better relationship with food and limiting our intake of processed foods. So, during the next 6 weeks, I challenge you to:

  • Commit to NO fast food – cook your own healthy meal and snack and eat just that daily.
  • No candy, brownies, cakes, cookies or sugary drinks such as soda, juice or alcohol.
  • Drink at least 74 oz of water a day.


Ready to accept the challenge? We’re not big on rules but here are a few Tips for Success whenever accepting one of our challenges.

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2. Accept the challenge by placing “l Accepted the Challenge Badge” as your profile photo an share our posts –  tag #IncreasethePeach in any of your workouts, meals and transformation photos during this challenge.
3. Tag 3 friends who you think might also like to take the challenge.


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