COMMIT TO FIT – 6 Week Challenge



The COMMIT TO FIT Challenge will last 6 weeks with a 20 person cap that will include:

  • 6 Week Studio Membership & Unlimited Group Sessions (renewable post-challenge) [$270 Value]
  • Training App Increase the Peach MyPTHub (lifetime access) [$150 Value]
    • Fitness Trackers
    • Nutrition Diary
    • Independent workouts with video demo
      • (2) Cardio
      • (2) Strength
      • (2) Core
      • (1) Stretch
  • Macronutrient Counseling [$150 Value] Simple meal options to help you reset your metabolism, cut holiday sugar cravings and give you the energy you crave!
  • Baseline workout with subsequent re-test
  • Accountability check-ins with a Coach

The challenge will commence with an orientation that will cover logistics, nutrition guidance, facility tour, before pictures and a baseline workout.

The challenge will end with a unified workout where participants may invite family and friends to participate in at no cost.


The participation fee is $250 (which includes a discounted 30 Day Studio Membership. For current members, $140. Payment is required before the start of the challenge.



There are two criteria for scoring, percent attendance and percentage of weight loss. In the event of a tie, the baseline test at the start of the challenge and retested at the end will be used to determine who during the challenge had the best improvement from baseline A to baseline B.


New classes have been added to allow all participants an opportunity to work out with their cohorts.

You may know that our POP Up training classes usually fill up with our current and awesome peaches, but we do have room for another small group kick-off as we now in our own facility. The only catch is we can only take on 20 participants for this run of the challenge.


We’re striving to come up with ways to make Increase the Peach Health and Fitness an even better “home away from home.”  Our goal as we kick-off 2020 is to continue to grow our community, improve The Studio, and help all of you achieve your goals one day at a time!

So, if you’re ready to start strong, with a new focus on YOU, a stronger, leaner body and a more focused mind and energy, be sure to register for this challenge!

But please ONLY register if you are honestly ready to be 100% committed.


Who is this challenge for? 
This challenge is for new clients or past clients at any fitness level currently not enrolled in a monthly membership program. If you are a current 15 Class Peach Pass holder, you may purchase the program and we will migrate your account to the new unlimited monthly membership.

When does this challenge start?
Orientation: Saturday, January 15th, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm – we’ll take your measurements, determine your individual workout schedule, discuss the nutrition guidelines, and get you geared-up and motivated!
Workouts begin: January 20th

What kind of results can I expect in the 6 weeks?
Of course, everyone is different depending on where they start, how well they adhere to the program and other health factors, but what we have experienced is that, on average, participants see a change of 4-8% body fat loss (that’s generally about 10-18 pounds) and 5-10 inches lost (that’s at least a pant size or two!)

What is the investment of the complete program?
Unlimited workouts, the orientation event, measurements, nutrition guidelines, and ultimate accountability are included in this program (valued over $500).
Registration: $250
*A split-payment plan option is available, contact us for details.


Do you have any questions before you commit?
Call/text us! (239) 888-3720
Or send us an e-mail and one of our team members will promptly respond.

P.S. We’re upping-the-ante for some extra motivation – when you complete the goal of 4 workouts during each week of the program…you’ll get a $25 CREDIT as a digital gift card to use toward your next program purchase!
(Can be applied toward your first month of our unlimited monthly membership or a Peach Pass bundle; must be redeemed within 14 days after the program ends)

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