Build-A-Booty with this 30-Day Squat Challenge



Pistol Box Squats (High, Medium, Low): For the first three variations of LEVEL III, you’ll need your flat surface. Standing just in front of that surface heels close but not completely touching. Left one leg out in front of you (it’s okay to have a slight bend in the knee -as you progress straight leg is the goal). Maintain that leg position and sit back until your butt touches the surface. This time the knee that is squatting will extend past your toes. Bare your weight on that planter foot and when returning to start explode up, squeezing the glute of the squatting leg at the top. (Complete the same number of repetitions for each leg)

With each week you will lower the surface until you’re almost at a full pistol squat. It won’t be easy but you’ll be aware of how low you need to get and the plus is that it’ll give you something to land on if you lose strength in your squatting let.

Pistol Squats: The moment you’ve been building up for, the Don Dada of squats. You’ve mastered all of the box squats progressively building strength to perform a free standing pistol squat. Not only is it impressive that you can now complete this exercise but it’s also means that you’ve built a great deal of strength. Imagine the flex in your butt and thighs! In the guide video Cherline is using a pole to assist with her free form pistol squats (she’s not yet at a LEVEL III). If you’re unable to do the freeform movement without the assistance keep working with the box squats or continue building strength by focusing on LEVEL I + LEVEL II, you’ll get there. Remember progress not perfection.


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