Build-A-Booty with this 30-Day Squat Challenge


We know you’re ready to drop it low and grab this challenge by the buns, but before you jump straight in let’s break down the squats in this challenge so that you can be sure that your maximizing your efforts by executing the moves properly. Make sure to warm up, and eat well. Not sure what that means? Well, read this before you start.

Body Weight Box Squat: The body weight box squat is your basic squat, but to begin we’re going to use a surface, such as a stool or ottoman if you’re at home to guide the depth of the squat and extend our arms in front for balance. You’re not going to rest your peach on the surface, just tap your butt to it to make sure that with each repetition of the movement your dropping to the same depth. If you want to make it easier use a higher surface and if you’re feeling frisky take the surface as low as your comfortably came while keeping proper form.

Prisoner Body Weight Box Squat: We’re taking the basic squat to the next phase. Now, instead of using your arms for balance, you’re going to place them behind your head to perform a prisoner squat. This squat variation require more balance and stability but have no fear, you’ll have your stool to make sure you hit the same depth with each repetition.

Body Weight Squat: At this point, you’re a pro at squatting. You now know how low you can get while keeping your thighs parallel to the ground (you might be able to get lower). So, remove the stool and drop it low!

Body Weight Prisoner Squat: In LEVEL I this is the toughest of the squat variations, you have to “do it with no hands”. Place your hands behind your head and drop it low, getting as low as you can while keeping your thighs parallel to the ground.

5 Key Points for Performing Squats:

  • Squat Tip #1: Chest Up Shoulders Back – keeping your spine in a neutral position the entire time be careful not to round your shoulders or hyper extend your tail bone. ( You almost want to look like a gorilla…sounds silly but try it and we guarantee you’ll feel the difference.)
  • Squat Tip #2: Sit Back
  • Squat Tip #3: Don’t Let Your Knees Buckle
  • Squat Tip #4 Squat Equal to or Below Parallel
  • Squat Tip # 5: Make your concentric (standing) motion explosive – drive with the legs and squeeze the glutes when standing. Keep your chest held high and eyes looking straight ahead.




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